Your Love - MicL
Your Love – MicL
May 12, 2018
Lemons EP – Peerayce
September 3, 2018

1997 – Tay Iwar

1997 - Tay Iwar

1997 – Tay Iwar

Literally the only guy worth talking about to me at this time. No offence, but my inbox hasn’t exactly been getting hit with much lately. Ironically I don’t find myself having so much to say right now.

Anyways! Let’s talk about 1997… What’s with the collection title? I see how you would easily use your date of birth as your 4-digit to you ATM card, so why not an EP title?

Tay Iwar, Nigeria’s hidden gem, presents his newest single release with “1997” —a percussion-packed track with mood-driven melodies. The single explores the story of romance in various forms—playfully flirting, needing your space, and desires both good and bad.


I really admire the selection of contributing artists this project, and I say some phonographic justice was definitely done. The three-track project was released on Soulection through Beats 1, with each track having an appealing balance to suggest a specific mood. From a RnB fusioned Space, featuring Santi and Preyé Itams, to a fuji-cum-caribbean sensation titled Sugar Daddy;  with the perfect segue from a soulful to afro-pop theme which Tay has tried to achieve severally in songs like P. Juice and Spiritual, but this time, we get to see how Odunsi easily commands this when taking the chorus. And the third track Miracle Girl has an experimental flavour that reflects Tay’s unique musical expression through his intimate lyrics of a sinking affection, and the deliberate composition in distorted vocals and soothing strings fusing in and out of melodies.

I feel he should’ve left out the ‘Girl’ in the track title, and just called it ‘Miracle’ ~ irrelevant



Listen to “1997” by Tay Iwar below for much-needed positive vibes.

“1997” is a glimpse of what’s to come from his debut album being released in November on Soulection.


Photo: Terna Iwar (@ternaiwar)
◈ Design: Ross(@rozaythavillain)
◈ Credits: Mixed & Mastered by Tay Iwar
◈ Check out more singles here:

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