Love is - Tega
Love is – Tega
February 16, 2017
Squad - Idris King
Squad – Idris King
February 19, 2017

9 Alternative Songs You Need To Check Out

There’s a lot of awesome music floating on the internet, we bring to you a curated list of 9 songs we think you’d connect with. In no particular order:



Sir Dauda – Kalakuta

Origin: Nigeria

Singer, rapper over a rich African production. No point in stressing how great this song is. Sir Dauda shouldn’t be new to Nigerians, he’s collaborated with the likes of FalzTheBahdGuy and Aramide. His own material is unable to get the same amount of recognition as his peers which baffles me mainly because he’s equally talented. Do well to check out ‘LandLord’ and ‘Satan Must Fall’ which features M.I. while on his SoundCloud page.



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Dave Ndegwa – Telephonic

Origin: Nairobi, Kenya

Over these past couple of weeks I have come to believe SoundCloud is the main place to find some of the best artists and songs. I came across Dave Ndegwa about a few weeks ago, and I’ve been blown away by his music compositions. From the sombre church piano chord in the beat to the calmness in which Dave Ndegwa delivers his lyrics, “Telephonic” immediately registers as an earworm with the listener. You can feel the emotion within his message of lust and fornication. Ndegwa lays his captivating vocals with ease, sending chill vibes throughout the song.

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Monitah – Utopia

Origin: Nairobi, Kenya

She’s a singer, guitarist and a spoken word artist. At this point I’m truly convinced Kenya would indeed take over the music industry in Africa, with such talented artists who have been able to define their sound and create their own space. Artists that fail to follow trends turn to have longevity compared to the trend followers (more on this in a bit).  With Utopia showcases Monitah’s impeccable songwriting skills.



Iche x Nu Fvnk – What’s The Deal?

Origin: Mombasa, Kenya

I fell in love and became an instant fan of Janice Iche and EA waves’ Nu Fvnk the moment I heard this song. It did spark some emotions within me, how many of us don’t have legitimate issues with our partners? “What’s the deal?” was apparently recorded within an hour: Astounding! How could a great song have so little words? The song relies heavily on the the phrase “What’s The Deal?”, which serves as a primary reference which questions why “every single time I come around you tell me you got no time to hear me out”. Towards the end of the song Iche unleashes what most of us can’t know but are unable or willing to, which is to leave a toxic relationship or ditch a relationship in which only one person seems to be interested in. Check out the song here:


Nxrth – Cupid (Ft. Darkovibes)

Origin: Ghana

This has been a personal favorite for a while. The hook hits you with some sense of nostalgia, the beat sends your mind racing on a tokyo drift. It’s very hard to find a producer and singer duo that blends as perfect. Both the melody and the production tell two tales which have been merged into one beautiful experience. By far one of the best songs released by the young talented producer.






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Worlasi – One Life Ft. Sena Dagadu and Six Strings

Origin: Ghana

Most musicians hate preaching truth especially when it concerns religion, it’s a very serious topic to most Africans. Worlasi spews some real facts concerning Christians and their belief in Heaven which hinders them from doing their duties diligently. Sena Dagadu adds her magical voice to this inspiring tune laid on strings provided by guitarist ‘Six Strings’. This is one of the under appreciated tunes from this young talented. The main language he utilizes is his mother tongue which is Ewe, the main language of the people from the Volta Region of his native Ghana.


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Cina Soul – Awo 

Origin: Ghana

After just 30 seconds into this song I instantly became a fan of Cina Soul. This song meant everything to me, the emotions in her voice to the production by KaySo, this was indeed a song granted to us mere mortals from the heavens. Cina Soul is the future. Her Metanoia EP has material that would be able to stand the test of time, it’s an instant classic waiting to be discovered.







ThandoNje – If I Had You

Origin: South Africa

This is from her New Age Soul EP, ‘If I Had You’ stands out as one of the best cuts from the tape. This song sends chill vibes to the listener. Thandonje is clearly setting her on trail for others to follow with her neo-soul inspired music.

“If I had you, we would fuck all night, I could give you what’s right”


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Amaarae – ANthem4deezhoes

Origin: Accra, Ghana


Amaarae doesn’t joke around with this song, the message of this song is simple; “No more commitments”. Amaarae dishes out to her females to stand up and stop falling for men that aren’t worth it. This is one of the most slept-on songs on the internet. This is basically a wake up call to her fellow females to stop giving time to men that are still acting childish. A true gem.


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