Love It Or Not - Phlowetry Ft. Khandie
Love It Or Not – Phlow Ft. Khandie
January 3, 2017
Day Dreaming - Slick Ft Sowa & Psycho
Day Dreaming – Slick Ft Sowa & Psycho
January 5, 2017

At The Moment – HeadBridge

At The Moment - HeadBridge

At The Moment – HeadBridge


At The Moment was recorded in 2016 and the running theme on the EP is a point of view description of living as a Nigerian in the present, with all that comes with it. Each record is a story, each verse a different narrative.

Performed by the music group HeadBridge; which consists of three Solo artists, ChubaRealtalk and Soto, the compilation is what you get when all the creative influences of three different individuals is harnessed. The resulting musical synergy is what you hear on the EP, with its heavy Hip hop, Afro-pop/R&B leaning.

With topics ranging from relationships on Abeg and 1010, to societal issues on Kosono and what it is like on the grind in Ride Round Music, this is considered a short but well-rounded project.


The skits allows the listener to make the journey alongside the team as they embark on the making of what would become the At The Moment EP.

At The Moment EP Track List

At The Moment is Produced by Reflex Soundz, Kay X and Jabz.

Listen on Soundcloud here:

Or Stream and download here:

Also available on iTunesSpotifyMusic Plus and BoomPlayer.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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