Own Way - MicL Ft. Tossy Young
Own Way – MicL Ft. Tossy Young
September 15, 2017
Remy Baggins [Spotlight Interview]
Remy Baggins [Spotlight Interview]
September 22, 2017

Aura Stir 2.0 – Yinka Bernie Ft. Joyce Olong

Aura Stir 2.0 - Yinka Bernie Ft. Joyce Olong

Aura Stir 2.0 – Yinka Bernie Ft. Joyce Olong

Still on a #maximumcruise, Yinka Bernie gives a solid vibration to Joyce Olong‘s amazing voice with this piece. A soulful love ballad that revolves around the feelings of infatuation and euphoria narrated by Yinka Bernie and Joyce later in the chorus;

Rain drops, i see them falling from the sky… tear drops, the always falling from my eye, whenever, i see you smile

Despite having released his EP 19 & Over a few days back, he offers a remix of the original Aura Stir, which was among the EP collection. Definitely a good call, as Joyce renders a vocal contrast to the mix. She is able to present a confident and consoling response to Yinka’s allure for his overwhelming passion.

This sets quite the mood to be honest, notwithstanding Yinka Bernie’s ability to compose music in a fantastic way. I still have his Bed of Stone Flip as my ringtone..why not? It has two of my favourite things; Asa and a good flip.

Listen to the Aura Stir 2.0 here

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