Watch 'Squad' - Idris King
Watch ‘Squad’ – Idris King
April 18, 2017
Missed Calls - Tonero
Missed Calls – Tonero
April 21, 2017

Based – To Name A Few

Based - To Name A Few

Based – To Name A Few

It’s a pleasure to have such amazing ambient sounds so close to home. The previous release by the TNAF band, Stay Over struck a chord in our musical nerves. We hoped and prayed that they were here to stay; considering the unfavourable conditions that surround the music scene here in Nigeria. Even the long wait after Stay Over, followed a cover of Frank Ocean‘s Pink + White alone, didn’t help in convincing us of this, we still hoped.

Only, a few months ago, word broke out that the band had come under a new management known as Euphonic, the music arm of ‘New Age’ conglomerate Baroque Age. No doubt this would mean that some restructuring and redefinition might take place.

The band however, have released their first body of work under this new management, titled Based. And now it’s only fair to ask if this is a reason for pivoting to a different vibe from their previous works. From an urban definition, Based means to be free, and the pop track does give off a certain appeal to a sense of inner freedom. Maybe they are trying to imply that this new management doesn’t restrict their creative edge?

In a haste to sing along, you notice it’s somewhat impossible to pick out the words off the mumbled lyrics and decide to fill in your own words. But if you listen close enough, you hear the singer refer to himself “tripping“; in the sense of falling, being intoxicated and also voyaging.

The song on a surface level, talks about a post trip experience, but has a deeper meaning that deals with accepting your identity.


PS. you don’t have to fill in your own words anymore 😉

Based – Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I think I tripped again,
Waking up into a haze again,
I can’t even pretend
I gotta sit down I don’t think I feel my legs (feel my legs)
Oohhh, rewinding,
Last night was a trip and I dont think its over
We were wildin, stylin’ on the strip
I’m still not sure I’m sober

We were walking circles we were certain we’d fly
We thought we were slipping into perfect paradise.

(Verse 2)
Hotbox up in my zones
Windows closed I think I see the glow
We kick back we’re letting go
Psychedelia is all we know

Ohhh rewinding,
Last night was a trip
And I don’t think it’s over
We were wildin, stylin’ on the strip,
I’m still not sure I’m sober,
We were walking circles, we were certain we’d fly,
We thought we were slipping into perfect paradise

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