Feels - Chesos Ft. Bibo
Feels – Chesos Ft. Bibo
March 13, 2017
Wait For Me - Johnny Drille
Watch ‘Wait For Me’ – Johnny Drille
March 15, 2017

Bontide – Le Mav

Bontide - Le Mav

Bontide – Le Mav

It is no lie that our ears get blessed every other day with new sounds from the new age of music. The bar gets higher everyday – Wake up guys!!

Here’s a fresh one titled ‘Bontide’ by the UK based genius, Le Mav Aka Mavi or Mav. “Mav made it..” is no longer an uncommon phrase among the circles of new age artists ‘yes, that’s what we’re calling them’. He holds claims to quite a number of tracks you’ve had or should have on your playlist.

In this piece, he features a loop of tender strings playing hide and seek all through the approx. 4 minute track, while giving a stormy vibe through a sensual bass accompanied by some trap-sliced beats.

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
UI/UX Developer by day, music enthusiast by night. Fun and emotional somebody. I believe that our level of creative consciousness separates us from one another, but we are united through music. I enjoy working on the http://urbaneffect.net website.

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