Homecoming 2019 Edition Tickets Now Available!
Homecoming 2019 Edition Tickets Now Available!
April 2, 2019
inDigo - DaRe x Tim Lyre
inDigo – DaRe x Tim Lyre
April 3, 2019

Chapter One EP – Falana

Chapter One EP - Falana

Chapter One is Falana’s second compilation since her first EP, Things Fall Together released in 2014.

That’s quite the interval if you’re counting, and especially if you enjoy the energetic vocal confidence and eccentric compositions in her music. However, while time went on, Falana was far from idle, a she would go on to perfect her craft. She worked towards growing as an artist and becoming more intimate with her fans as she hoated ‘Falana Unconver’d‘ concert series with outstanding performances of songs such as ‘Reinfiltrator‘.

Often declared as an alternative artist, Falana has claimed that her sound features an unorthodox blend of of Jazz, Afrobeat and soul, making her quite distinct in the Nigerian Music scene.

In her latest body of work titled “Chapter One“, we see the artist explore more constructive instrumental leads that leave listeners with engaging experiences. The 5-track EP features an expressive bid to genuinely reach out to its related audience who she feels deserve the message embedded in it.

‘Chapter One” is the beginning of a new chapter… There are songs that I wrote that I don’t feel as connected to anymore but it is still very relevant to some people. The last project Things Fall Together represented me at one point in my life, but I have evolved and I am ready to keep it moving.

Chapter One is a new experience… I have improved as a songwriter, there is a more distinct sound, like you hear this and there is no confusion when you hear it. People will be able to say she created something new that represents herself, represents her journey and I can relate to it.’

Falana – Pulse Interview
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