Long live the Queen - Nonso Amadi
Long live the Queen – Nonso Amadi
September 29, 2017
Deoba releases Chilogy set; If you ever liked soulful rap, check this out
Deoba releases Chilogy set; If you ever liked soulful rap, he’s your guy
October 21, 2017

Chillogy EP – Deoba

Deoba - Chillogy

Chillogy EP – Deoba

Introducing South London alternative Hip-Hop artist Deoba, with his unique and creative slant on traditional rap music, underpinned by his ever-smooth rap flow and delivery, intelligent wordplay and imaginative storytelling, over some of the most atmospheric, experiential, chilled and vibesy musical backdrops, as encapsulated on his brand new debut EP titled Chillogy.


Backed by its lead single ‘One Dance‘, which was produced by revered Manchester instrumentalist and beatmaker Mecca:83, and released earlier in the summer to rave reviews, Deoba’s 6-track Chillogy EP is like nothing you have heard out of the UK rap scene this year. The record is an artistic, creative, and conceptual project, which uses cinematic elements, from the music to the storytelling, to tell a story of the relationship between its two main characters, Melo and Nicole.

From the opening track ‘Chillogy (Prologue)‘ which sets the scene for the entire EP and introduce the listener to protagonist Nicole, over the smooth Chris Calor ($en$ei) production, and ‘Whats Up‘ which takes its inspiration from Goldlink’s ‘Palm Trees’, to the infectious ‘Henny & Chill‘ featuring Toronto rapper/singer Culture ’95 as the only guest artist on the EP, and the very emotive and honest ‘Melo’s Interlude‘, Deoba’s Chillogy EP makes for a compelling listen, from start to finish.

Serving as the perfect record for those cold night and after-hours playlists, released just in time as the summer begins to give way to the autumn, Deoba has crafted a stellar debut offering, which is underpinned by his smooth rap flow, strong storytelling and atmospheric instrumentation, which together, create the most chill and relaxed vibe for listeners, as the title of the EP ‘Chillogy’ aptly suggests.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the EP, Deoba says,

Chillogy’ is me trying to create a world where my listeners understand the everything of words. I wanted to, in the most creative ways, paint a picture of my life experiences that my listeners could relate to, using these two conceptual characters ‘Melo’ and ‘Nicole’ to explore human desire and emotions, while still providing good music to listen to, anyway.

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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