Sailing Away Ft. Jacob Browne - BankyOnDBeatz
Sailing Away Ft. Jacob Browne – BankyOnDBeatz
December 23, 2018
New Video: Juju - Davina
NEW VIDEO: Juju – Davina
January 30, 2019

Cookies – Preyé

Cookies - Preye

Don’t look at me like I owe you Something!

Absolutely love this!

After dusting the cobwebs off my inbox, I took a peek at this song, and it’s been on repeat ever since.

Cookies is a smooth reminder that R&B/Soul is not dead, with Preyé’s enchanting sultry vocals singing about self love after a bitter break up.

“It’s about finding peace with yourself by appreciating the little things like enjoying self made chocolate cookies… it makes me feel relaxed, makes me feel like having an honest conversation even this it’s really a ‘Fuck you, I’m the shit’ song.

I love how it addresses the entitlement exes have to deal with, Its tempo
gives us the chance to listen to the message. There’s a Caribbean reggae
vibe to it so it feels strong/assertive In a “FUBU” kinda way. Sounds like dark chocolate and… rosé”

Ngohire – Co-writer (Cookies)

Preyé definitely has an interesting way of capturing the insouciance that comes for the bitter taste of a heartbreak. She definitely does well to keep her cool through emotional distraught and boasts on her prescription for ‘self medication

Even though she doesn’t have much music out there, I’ve always admired her musical genius and vocals which do well to standout in her features and collaborations such as in On the Move with Major Distraction, Vanity with Davina, and her feature in Tay Iwar’s “Space” from the 1997 project

Preyé yet again puts on an impressive display of vocal prowess evident in the tracks with smooth, sensual yet haunting vocal production.

Impressed by her own work, she goes on to say,

“the vocal production was one of smoothest I’ve done and happened on a rainy evening”.

I can definitely hear the ad-libs and backups from Tay who Mixed and mastered the song. While production was done by Benny Que

Well, I’m not only excited by her recent acknowledgments, but Preyé also tells us to expect her debut EP in 2019 and more collaborations in the near future

Listen to Cookies.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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