Deoba - Chillogy
Chillogy EP – Deoba
October 20, 2017
Same Coin/2 Sides - Uno
Same Coin/2 Sides – Uno
October 27, 2017

Deoba releases Chilogy set; If you ever liked soulful rap, he’s your guy

Deoba releases Chilogy set; If you ever liked soulful rap, check this out

Deeoba is definitely an artist I would love to see  or be in a zone out session with.

His style in general offers a certain feel of genuine intimacy. Often filled with stories that pan in and out of day-to-day reasoning, he also talks about situations in a multi-person perspective while revolving around characters on both genders that come too close to being real. And when he gets into his groove, we get a soulful vibe that clearly creates a distinction in his taste or selection of music. This make me wonder who he listened to while growing up or what he listens to now.

Although his focus is on the UK rap scene, as a South London native, he often lets out hints of his Nigerian heritage throwing a few lines in Yoruba, as seen in his track One Dance. And while his style can’t be placed anywhere in the Nigerian music-sphere, you can’t help but keep an eye on Deoba to see how his art finds its way to the rightful audiences. Maybe a few collaborations with the Niaraland New Age cool cats can offer the right amount of exposure; I see a neat blend with singer, Fasina. Just my thoughts really.

Deoba releases Chilogy set; If you ever liked soulful rap, check this out

Deoba’s debut compilation titled ‘Chillogy’ is undoubtedly an all round work of art, which takes listeners through a creative storyline involving two main characters (Melo and Nicole). From track to track, Chillogy follows the relationship between both characters, painting pictures of relatable experiences for all listeners.

Chillogy is an intriguing artistic project, which incorporates cinematic storytelling into versatile songwriting. As an Usher fan, I definitely enjoyed Melo’s Interlude which features a distorted sampling of Usher Raymond’s 2001 RnB track ‘You Don’t Have To Call’, with an entrance to ideas about the Melo character.

Listen to the Chillogy EP, let me know what you think.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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