Songs you should jam to this week Vol.3
Songs you should jam to this week Vol.3
August 1, 2017
Out Of The Ordinary - Doozybeatz & Livinche
Out Of The Ordinary – Doozybeatz & Livinche
August 6, 2017

A discussion with Zarion Uti about his notable sound, environment and upcoming projects

Zarion Uti Discussion

If the name Zarion Uti brings about any recognition, you’ll see that he’s been on a journey that ends with defining a sound that bears distinction to what’s common in the afro soul music-sphere.

After being blown away by the responses to his single “Life of the Party”, the 19-year-old singer felt it was only right to explain his “special” sound and how it came about. We got word on this, and here’s a discussion that ensued recently.
“I feel the only thing that makes my music stand out is the fact that I have never allowed myself to be directly influenced by any other artiste.” Says Zarion Uti.
“Another point is the fact that I actually listen to way more music than I make. Not because of any reason but the reality that music is made to get out there and for that very point, it’s always going to be quality over quantity. I have dropped 4 songs within the span of this year which is way less than I planned to. But that was just me playing it safe because I am a perfectionist, I literally don’t ever release a song till I am positive it’s better than what I released last. You can check out my music from January till date, the factor growth is well established. That identifies a true creative to me.”

Zarion went further to discuss his doubts to there being any artiste he would personally liken his music to, because he doesn’t think that’s his role to play, he feels it’s the listeners choice because they consuming the music. However, he mentioned a few artistes he listens to for Lyrical inspiration.

“Chris brown’s music is golden to me, Kendrick lamar, Mike posner, James Arthur, Ed Sheeran . These are artistes I feel redefined the sound of music. I also listen to a lot of trap music surprisingly, the likes of Nav, Travis Scott, migos and many others. A lot comes together to make up who I am as an artiste.”
Now heading to the main point, which is musical influences in relation to the environment He finds himself. Zarion also discusses the change in energy and level of exposure which made him want to do more.
“I noticed a significant change in my musical abilities after being exposed to a lot of artistes and producers here in Atlanta Georgia, it made me want to do more, it made me one want to be more.”
Going ahead, he points out that we are definitely a product of our environment, and constant changes will bring about definitely influence and adaptation.
The motion to adapt is totally a personal choice, all you have to do is take what’s good from what the new environment brings and add to what you already have. That way you’ll be the best you can be.
Zarion Uti was also kind enough to give us a preview of his new single titled “Paradise“. After a couple listens with the team it’s safe to say that things only get better with him. It’s definitely different from what you’d expect but still had an up to date vibe embedded in it.
We can’t wait to see how far this will go. We are currently expecting a visual clip he promised of him going deeper into his plans for the rest of the year. For now, these are the few things the young talented singer had to say.
Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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