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April 4, 2017
paradise motel
Paradise Motel, the indie-rock band Nigeria never knew it needed
April 7, 2017

EgoSex – Paradise Motel

EgoSex - Paradise Motel

EgoSex – Paradise Motel


EgoSex by Paradise Motel on SoundCloud

Coming out finally with a debut EP, Paradise Motel might be the indie-rock band Nigeria never knew it needed. Sadly, while all the action happens to be brewed up in spain, one would assume there can’t be any form of connection to their music. But there proves an arguable factor carried along with each track, leaving you in a love/hate state with the unique sound, and profound appreciation for the expressive context of the music.

We can see a stunning production and composition quality on each track. The five-track EP starts with the lead singer entering a solo conversation of various expressed opinions. These range from control issues in relationships to lack of love; resulting from not being taught how, and essentially questioning the difference between love and control in Ego Sex. They then touch the emotional damage that is masculinity in Boys Hurt Too; with a coarse vocal that cries out in its rawest form. Tracks like Selfish and You Can Be Bad For As Long As You Like are more of honest expression. They really put you in a fit of emotions with their messages. Then comes a much sober reflection sliding through the subtle metallic rims of electric guitars and drums in Holy Ghost to end the tale of the EP.

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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