Not Forgotten - Iyanya
Iyanya’s Not Forgotten is a tribute worth remembering
April 1, 2017
Unruly - OVID
All Night Off – OVID Ft. Wa’ti
April 2, 2017

highly gbenshable interlude – DJ feMo

highly gbenshable interlude - Dj feMo

highly gbenshable interlude – DJ feMo


These naming conventions sha..

Something about DJ feMo though, she’s quite unconventional, and she’s fast on a mission to plug Africa; or African music rather, to the world.

After her last mix Gbef,  she’s now given us a highly gbenshable interlude, while we’re anticipating the soon to be released single Adara which features UK act  Fasina and sound expert, GMK who put out Coconut Lips not too long ago.


The highly gbenshable interlude covers a soulful blend of tracks that still possess a groovy feel. I can’t even place it right. The mix covers performers such as Euphonic’s Tonero, english singer/songwriter FKA Twigs, Tory LanezDex Kwasi, an oldie and Goldie by Paul play, Deena O and of course Santi

highly gbenshable interlude - DJ feMo

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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