Silence (Father Have Mercy) - Davina Oriakhi
Silence (Father Have Mercy) – Davina Oriakhi
April 10, 2017
Blem - Wani
Blem – Wani
April 11, 2017

Hotel Tokyo – STRAFF Ft. JethroFaded (Prod. Remy Baggins)

Hotel Tokyo - STRAFF Ft. JethroFaded (Prod. Remy Baggins)

Hotel Tokyo – STRAFF Ft. JethroFaded (Prod. Remy Baggins)


We get to see a lot of rappers blend and bend the rules into fusions that sit well with other genres these days. From good old classic beat breaks to heavy bass-ed productions; some even come off as fusions of various genres in one, or simply stripped down instrumentals that beg for a minimalistic appeal, and others, a wavy vibe that’s ever soothing. There’s so much going on to keep track, tag and categorize that we refer to most sounds as experimental.

The rapper, Straff fits perfectly in this ‘experimental’ category. In this piece, we see Straff continue in this wavy style. He starts of with a sing-along type chorus and entering a comfortable rap flow. Then brings on singer Orinayo Ojo, who introduces himself now branded JethroFaded, to cover the second verse. The slow nature of the song doesn’t deprive it of the happy scenes that are described in the verses; the type you would get on an altered state of mind (yh, intoxicated), however. Production is cut out nicely by Remmy Baggins.


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