Radio - Bella Alubo Ft. YCEE
Radio – Bella Alubo Ft. YCEE
May 9, 2017
Bed Of Stone[FLIP] - Asa - Yinka Bernie
Asa’s Bed Of Stone[FLIP] by Yinka Bernie
May 12, 2017

Ice Cream – Lady Donli Ft. Tomi Thomas

Ice Cream - Lady Donli Ft. Tomi Thomas

Ice Cream – Lady Donli Ft. Tomi Thomas

Doooooo daaaaa baaa bee dooo… 

The much anticipated Ice Cream, was released over the weekend by Lady Donli. Can you feel the funk? If you ever wondered if there was a female Nigerian artist who sings in the hausa language, she’s definitely the top of our list. In her last single, Kashe NiLady Donli sings a hook that’s all in hausa, and no one expected that.

Here, with Ice Cream, it still remains uncertain what comes as unexpected. The a-capella which is either vocalised by co-singer, Tomi Thomas or the work of DJ Woske, come off quite exciting as it uninterruptedly transitions into the chorus; where Donli sings “You Are Sweet Like Ice Cream Baby, You Do Me Like Ice-Cream Baby, But You Know, We Both Know, That You Are No Good For Me“. Things get even better when the funky vibes set in and Lady Donli proves a mistress over the sound which has become unique to herself.

Ice Cream


Let’s not get too excited about the auditory appeal just yet. Ice Cream also carries a delicate description on what love is. We’ve seen similar tries in popular songs, and we can all agree to the truth in each description given. Be it “Magic”, “Fire”, “Ice”, “Candy” or “Agbaara”, we can surely say love has a wide range or descriptions, especially at its different stages, and Ice Cream does it best for Donli. She goes on to sing in Hausa as the song comes to an end.

Listen and enjoy!

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