Antidepressants - Tim Lyre
Antidepressants – Tim Lyre
May 17, 2017
Find You - Chyn Ft. Funbi
Find You – Chyn Ft. Funbi
May 19, 2017

Ikebe – Jaguar

Ikebe - Jaguar

Ikebe – Jaguar

Abel Abba, who goes by the name Jaguar is an Abuja based producer and singer. He puts together a collection of song to form an outstanding project titled, Jungle Fever. One of the tracks in the album is Ikebe. Our Igbo/Benin brothers and sisters can assure you that they mean well when they refer to a lady having a large ikebe.

However, with all the questionable lyrics in circulation these days, it’s rare to find pure forms that cultivate critical thinking to simply narrate through a sequence of thought-provoking literature. So we inevitably hear the singer promising to seal the deal with his dame because of her not-so-undeclared assets.

The album has a robust appeal and carries distinct musical elements that range from pure afrocentric melodies to a Jamaican baseline. But it’s not too hard to notice the northern Nigerian traits that accompany the project.

Jungle Fever is a self-produced EP for the summer breeze to ease the stress , I guess… compilation of six songs that simply say the same thing, don’t take it too serious abeg abeg. Enjoy!

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