Chapter One EP - Falana
Chapter One EP – Falana
April 2, 2019
Sam Sun, Anson Seabra, HRK – Robin Hood (Deluxe Version)
Robin Hood (Deluxe Version) – Sam Sun, Anson Seabra, HRK
January 31, 2020

inDigo – DaRe x Tim Lyre

inDigo - DaRe x Tim Lyre

Damn! This was a fresh piece. Listened all afternoon yesterday, and definitely enjoyed the collaborative efforts of DaRe and Tim Lyre dubbed ‘inDigo’.

You might be familiar with Tim Lyre for his frequent releases such as Taboo, Shak Me and Right Now. Tim has teamed up with singer and producer DaRe who also doubles as a Fashion Designer & Creative Director for 1994 Clothing.

Both collaborators are fond of making musical explorations either through beats, instruments or vocals. Together, they are like scientists and inDigo. is a jaw-dropping experiment that deserves the attention of the world.

inDigo. is a collaborative EP by DaRe and eclectic singer, Tim Lyre. Together with dynamic artists like July DramaAYLOEfyaDavina OriakhiPreye, and MOJO, they create a fusion of multiple genres with Alternative being the foundation of each track. Creating a cover art and theme that suggests listeners will experience sounds out of this world is quite easy. However, matching that energy through a production that transports the audience to the exact universe you want them to be in is the hard part – and many have failed to hit the bullseye. With essential tracks like “T: Avatar”, S: Need”, and “S: Young & Dumb”, DaRe and Tim Lyre succeed in leading fans through a tunnel of sonic beauty.
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