Under Construction - Fat Louie
Under Construction – Fat Louie
March 8, 2018
OṢÓ - BrymO
OṢÓ – BrymO
March 29, 2018

Lagos – Davina Ft. Tim Lyre

Davina Oriakhi gets personal with her new single “Lagos”

Davina Oriakhi gets personal with her new single "Lagos"

Davina Oriakhi gets personal with her new single "Lagos" Davina Oriakhi gets personal with her new single "Lagos"

British Nigerian Singer-Songwriter, Davina Oriakhi releases her first offering to her listeners in 2018, titled Lagos, featuring Tim Lyre and produced by Nobong D’Synth.

Lagos is an Afro-soul ode to a long distance lover who resides (as the title implies) in Lagos. Her soulful vocals bleed her frustrations of being “overseas”, far away from her lover, with world-influenced enchanting harmonies on quirky and somewhat earthy and muddy sounds. Tim Lyre contributes a strong feature with impressive lyrical content and delivery. Both artists offer catchy hooks “Take me back, the one I love is in Lagos” and “The one I love is in the overs” respectively.

A different sound and narrative all together from her Debut LP “Love to a Mortal”,  Davina took to twitter earlier this year to set the record straight and almost soften the blow of “change” for her listeners:

Lagos - Davina Ft. Tim Lyre

Lagos - Davina Ft. Tim Lyre

Davina speaks about the inspiration of the song saying:
“It’s inspired by a personal experience, a very personal love story, but I’m sure everyone in a long distance relationship can relate to it, just insert the location name for yourself (LOL) for me, It’s Lagos”.

Aptly described as a musically fluid lyricist writing songs about life, love and spirituality, Davina Oriakhi is a soulful and versatile singer-songwriter and poet.
2017 was a year that marked progression in her journey in music as an emerging and independent artist with three Singles, her Debut LP “Love to a Mortal” in July, two Official videos for “F.S.L.S” and “It’s All About Love” and a mini tour in Nigeria.

For the first half of this year, Davina is set to release more collaborative work with fellow emerging artists and show off her versatility and her growth in her craft.

Lagos - Davina Ft. Tim Lyre

Keep up with Davina:
on Twitter and instagram 
Send her an email : davina@davinaoriakhi.com

Listen to “Lagos” here
Listen to her Debut LP “Love to a Mortal” here


Listen enjoy, share and leave some feedback 🙂

LAGOS (Featuring TIM LYRE)
Written and performed by DAVINA ORIAKHI, TIM LYRE
Vocal production by DAVINA ORIAKHI, TIM LYRE

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