Art Gallery Through My Pen - Lanray X Thabeatsmith
Art Gallery Through My Pen – Lanray X Thabeatsmith
December 22, 2017
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January 5, 2018

Letters To Her – Lady Donli

Letters To Her - Lady Donli

Letters To Her – Lady Donli

Letters to Her EP is Lady Donli‘s second project compilation which tags along a series of single releases such as Kashé Ni, Ice Cream and Poison spanned through the year.

After an amazing year of growth in music and her sound, Lady Donli has also had a great selection of performances since the start of the year. If you had the chance to witness any of her performances, you would agree that she carries quite the fume that combusts once that spark which is your understanding of her music has been ignited.

I spent most of last year looking for different and unorthodox. It wasn’t until I came across her Twitter page where she was pushing out her Wallflower EP, and I discovered Alice on her SoundCloud page, that I knew She was what I was looking for.

As usual, Donli delivers a blend of emotions that revolve around dangerous relationships and desires of passionate and intimate exposures. The Album features the likes of Yinka BernieJable, Tay Iwar.

Listen below.

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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