Based - To Name A Few
Based – To Name A Few
April 19, 2017
Summer In The Capital - Detail
Summer In The Capital – Detail
April 27, 2017

Missed Calls – Tonero

Missed Calls - Tonero

Missed Calls – Tonero


Euphonic’s Tonero embraces same mid tempo vibe used in his previous release, Fire. This time a lot more similar to the pattern of Teckno’s “Pana”, Runtown‘s “Mad Over You“, and many others who have hopped on the said style; much familiar to Mr Eazi‘s.

The content in this track however, calls attention to his knowledge of the loneliness accompanying the pursuit of his dreams. He touches valid subject matters ranging from lack of originality from music makers, little or no support towards his ambitions, to wealth acquisition and motivation of a younger generation to surpass its predecessors. He even digresses towards reminiscing of intimacy with an ex partner.

Overall, the track puts you in a trans, as he vocally surfs through melodies on the mid tempo beat.


Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
UI/UX Developer by day, music enthusiast by night. Fun and emotional somebody. I believe that our level of creative consciousness separates us from one another, but we are united through music. I enjoy working on the website.

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