Find You - Chyn Ft. Funbi
Find You – Chyn Ft. Funbi
May 19, 2017
Long Way - Michstraaw Ft. Rubunu (Prod Tey Chaplin)
Long Way – Michstraaw Ft. Rubunu (Prod Tey Chaplin)
May 20, 2017

Murderer – Ayüü (Prod. by Odunsi [TheEngine])

Murderer - Ayüü (Prod. by Odunsi [TheEngine])

Murderer – Ayüü (Prod. by Odunsi [TheEngine])

It can’t be overemphasized how diverse the music selection in Nigeria has become. And it should be no surprise as well. I mean there are over 500 languages spoken in the country, yet there are no controversies or restrictions that follow. It’s a free and fair langauge ether.  Why can’t the same be said for music? It is one of the country’s richest form of expression after all. And singer, Ayüü has shown no restrictions to his genre selection so far.

The track can be themed as a Dream-Pop sensation with articulations of heartbreaks and losses projected all through. Produced by TheEngine, Odunsi, Murderer balances between a soulful atmosphere and contrasts a rigid appeal when Ayüü intertwines between singing and rapping about his conundrum of a lover he can’t leave even though it does him more harm than good. I only wonder how much help the authorities can be in this regard..

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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