Same Coin/2 Sides - Uno
Same Coin/2 Sides – Uno
October 27, 2017
Zaradise Album Tracklist
Zaradise is where to find new stuff from Zarion Uti this November
November 1, 2017

New stuff from your favourite unorthodox rapper. He’s the Numero Uno on our spotlight this week

After making appearances at a couple of Spotlight Rave shows, where he made premier performances of his yet to then be released singles, sensational rapper Uno promised to share its official release with us today. And as an extra, had an interesting conversation with us to help shed more light on what his music genuinely is about.

Uno Spotlight Rave

Great to have this conversation with you Uno. I understand that’s spanish for one

UNO: Yeah it is…short for Numero Uno…Number One….that was a mouthful so Uno just stuck

Now one thing people like to know about a person is/are any major influence(s) from their background that has moulded them into who they are today, so before we start, may we know you as a person and not the rapper. Tell us about something/someone from your childhood or distant past that has pushed your and mad you who you are today

UNO: Hmmm…I grew up as an only child in a home where me and my mother were not so welcome….let me explain…my dad worked in Abuja…he was never around my paternal grandmother…that’s my dad’s mum never liked my mum…and it caused a lot of issues…a lot of personal events transpired that I cannot really share…buh long and short…we left the house…my mum’s late dad owned a hotel run by my uncle…my mum’s brother…we stayed in the hotel for a year…I began writing a lot because i was very isolated and coupled with my love for music..i began to write my stories as songs….basically that’s the genesis

Wow, that’s a pretty rough patch. Looking at you now no one would imagine such experience could manifest your cheerful personality. And as they say “Thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through”. So we need to know more about you as a person, are you a go to the club and ball kinda guy, or the reserved type? And what’s an idea hang out scenario for you?

UNO: Lolz…I’d say it is due to my isolated background…I’m accustomed to being home a lot…buh I do go out..ideal hang out would have to be like a tour of somewhere I’ve never been…discovering new ish…i like my brain busted a lot…lol…or just being with people I’m comfortable with literally doing anything

Hmmn, so no turn ups? are you sure you’re not just coding. lol

UNO: Lol…you said ideal…man gats turn up naa…too much stress balancing 9-5 …music-and other tins.

I need moments where the whole world fades out and the music sinks in and overflows…that’s my own definition of turn up shaa

For sure man. Now, about your music, we know you have new stuff being released today and we’re excited. I understand there’s two, Lavida and a bonus, Rora.. Can you tell us about the Lavida track?

UNO: Hmmm…not so accurate actually…

It’s two songs yeah….La Vida and skrrr…Rora is the bonus track of the project which was named “Same Coin/2 Sides”.

La Vida is short for La Vida Loca which literally means “the crazy life”…buh in real life terms, it means just living life to the fullest…it came about when i just had a mental image of where I projected the kind of life i wished for myself and everyone close to me at that point and i felt like i just wanted us to be able to say “la vida loca” when it’s all done and dusted…

t’s Spanish actually…i didn’t mention that…and the lyrics of the verses depicts a lot of scenarios going on around me…which is basically what inspires my music.

Lines like “need more cars…shoes…cribs and some hits tho…….and a bullion van wey long like say na chisco“…just exemplifies the kind of scene I was looking for

Good stuff! I’m sure we’ll all get out own version of La Vida Loca someday

UNO: Yezzir

So what else should we be expecting for you after the release of your new project? Where does it all go from there?

UNO: Well…I’m working on an EP to come out in the first quarter of next year… A project called “FactOrFiction” where i tell a lot of stories about a lot of matters that connect to a wide variety of people. Also I’m trying to organize some big collaborations which is on the hush-hush for now

Uno would also be making more appearances performing these new tracks, be sure to look out for him at nearby events. You can listen to the new project here.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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