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Exclusive Visuals from Tay Iwar in “Space”
March 1, 2019
Love Child EP - Angeloh
Love Child EP – Angeloh
March 4, 2019

Nonso Amadi releases new single ‘Emergency’, and plans to explore new sounds.

Nonso Amadi releases new single 'Emergency', and plans to explore new sounds.

Emergency is Nonso Amadi’s first release this year, and it champions a new style that is fast-paced and uptempo.

“Emergency” is a highlife-influenced bop with a spirited beat that immediately makes you want to get up and dance. As usual, Nonso Amadi plays the lover boy, this time lamenting that we only have one life to live, so we should fill it with as much love as we can.

Emergency’ is my first single of the year and I wanted to start with an energy I haven’t explored before. My vision this year is building on an international journey through my music. I started my year performing in China and it opened my eyes to how far the music can go so I wanted my first record of the year to start with the motherland. The song stands out from the known afro- songs in circulation due to its RnB vocals on an upbeat African ballad. I also shot the video in Accra, Ghana so I’m excited for people to see that. I hope the listeners enjoy.

– Nonso Amadi (Source: OkayAfrica)

I certainly enjoyed this new vibe and I’m excited to see what the singer has in store for the year.

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Sources: OkayAfrica, Konbini

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