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March 17, 2018
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Vanity – Davina x Preyé Itams
April 6, 2018

OṢÓ – BrymO

OṢÓ - BrymO

Marking as number 6 in his official album release count, the musical Wizard, transforms his artistic entirety to depict a rather philosophical persona in the album titled OṢÓ.

Certainly not coming off as a review, and neither a publication for me. This is merely a fulfilment to the level which I appreciate good music and its effects on me. I had listened to this piece with as much bias as possible, as I have long been a fan of his work. I knew he had stuff coming up. An album in the works, as announced on his social media pages earlier on.

In mildest anticipation, I waited for the release of the OṢÓ album with my expectation of the BrymO sound I believed I had gotten used to. Of course there had to be the vocal soulful ballads, transformed into afro-sensual experiences with the aid of uncensored instrumentals, Yoruba filled choruses, and short stories put in melodies.

Perhaps, in an effort not to let his fans become too unfamiliar with his new direction, he manages to not stray too far from his phonographic appeal by subtly introducing more sounds that mirror less of an all-round African/Yoruba/festive essence. After starting off with tracks like No Be MeGod Is In Your MindHeya! and Entropy (my favourite), we can get a feel that perfectly comes in to reflect this expression of an evolution to explore this new direction. Then back to cultural roots with ending tracks such as ỌlánrewájúOlúmọ and Bá’núsọ.

OṢÓ – BrymO

In OṢÓ, we also come to learn how to pay more attention to words which are essentially what music is now composed of. Duuhh! And BrymO does well to ensure his messages are not lost in the speakers. The singer exercises a confident rendition of  an amazing vocal performance, matching an equally superb production quality.

The OṢÓ album is a first exposure of a well thought three-part project that features a book and a concert coming up in May 2018.

Dedicated to keeping his art sacred, Brymo has blessed listeners with his strongest work till date – an atmospheric, introspective set that’s built on masterful songwriting, philosophy and rhythm.

OṢÓ is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa’s leading figure in the arts!

Despite all this, BrymO realized that he still had to take it further in order to gain the right amount of attention needed to witness this piece titled OṢÓ. Yes, I’m talking about the naked man playing the piano.

OṢÓ - BrymO


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