EgoSex - Paradise Motel
EgoSex – Paradise Motel
April 7, 2017
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April 8, 2017

Paradise Motel, the indie-rock band Nigeria never knew it needed

paradise motel

From Spain with 🖤! (Paradise Motel)

It may come as a surprise that the idea of an indie rock band should put up any attention whatsoever. But the Paradise Motel band proves to give more to this image; than a glorified concierge service or a pick off Sunset Blvd, with the release of each body of work. However, we had our first ear of the group on their track titled Holy Ghost, following a video release of You Can Be Bad For As Long As You Like. Both tracks are included as pieces of the Ego Sex Album.


They happen to have been recently established as a Spanish-based Indie rock band. With a powerful voice, the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Wekafore Jibril merges interestingly with Bilbao natives Ruben G. Matoes & Sendoa Cardoso.

Wekafore Jibril

All that metal might give off a displeasing vibe to some. But you will find underneath the arranged chaos is a context-filled line of vocals. The band has a way of expressing even the simplest forms in a careful manner that help carry the messages through each song.


They haven’t been around too long, but they sure have made a timeless statement with EgoSex. With vivid themes of darkness and self loss translated into contrasting expectations/societal norms of emotional numbness in men.

Photo credit: SwidLife

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