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July 23, 2017
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Save Me From The Fire – Zirra
July 24, 2017

Why we should pay more attention to the NTCA

Why we should pay more attention to the NTCA

Slated to hold on the 6th August 2017 at the Federal Palace Hotel (Balmoral Convention Centre), Victoria Island, Lagos with multiple categories for nomination out this year, the Nigerian Teens Choice Awards has our interests in its 6th edition. More details of the event here. Within the last 5-years of its existence, the NTCA has experienced a huge turnout of over 2,000 people attending the show, which is very remarkable and truly an event filled with the largest numbers of Teenagers and young adults in Nigeria. Award categories such as Music, Fashion, Media, Personality, Sport, Social Achievement, Art & Theatre are all recognized at the event.

Why we should pay more attention to the NTCAMore so, with the growing need to diversify the Nigerian Economy; in which the youths make up to 70% of in population, this edition’s theme “Our lives online“, will create an avenue for teenagers to creatively maximize their potentials and encourage online entrepreneurial skills for nation building and development of human resource. And so there will be a business talk from key players on how to positively utilize the online opportunities for genuine purposes.

However, in this year, we’ve witnessed an organic and rapid growth in the evolution of the media awareness and creative culture. There has also been an acknowledgment both locally and internationally to identify with the promise of the skills, talents and passion from the recognised acts. I like to state that I had my first notice of the potential of said culture ever since I heard former Chocolate City’s Milli back in 2012. But after that, there wasn’t much to rely on in terms of consistency. Even though a number would be in the process of becoming what they are today.

So, here’s why the NTCA has our attention this year. In the past, the NTCA had been hosted across different regions in Nigeria, and has received great response so far. And they have brought out a number of undiscovered acts which have graced our ears over the years such as Dami OniruKyrian AsherEfe Oraka etc. If you’ve been following us and the content we cover, you would be sure to have become familiar with a few names along the line; I’m talking about the OdunsiTay IwarNonso Amadi, Davina Oriakhi and Lady Donli. It therefore pleases me to find that all names are included in the Music Category awards list for the NTCA 2017. And other acts to recognize are Famous Bobson, Tjan, Chike, Jinmi Abduls and TrillXoe.

Please find a list of the nominees and their respective award categories below.

 To vote for your favourite NTCA nominee, click here 

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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