Life Of Fatima - DJ Yin
Life Of Fatima – DJ Yin
March 21, 2019
Tay X Soulection, early releases and a Gemini countdown.
Tay X Soulection, early releases and a Gemini countdown.
March 27, 2019



PRIVACY is a song by Dubai DJ & Producer; EYJEY and Nigerian Musical Artist; PARTYATTWELVE. It’s produced by EYJEY, Mixed & Mastered by BADMANDOTUN.

PRIVACY is a New-age R&B track with a DanceHall swing to it.

On PRIVACY, PARTYATTWELVE tries to convince a lady who catches his fancy to leave with him, not minding that she came with a man. He goes on seducing her with his lush vocals and sensual lyrics, promising her a good time. Boldly telling her to choose him over her man.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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