Juju - Davina Oriakhi
Juju – Davina Oriakhi
June 8, 2017
The Isomers - Oya
The “Oya” video by The Isomers, it demands your attention
June 15, 2017

RnB Odunsi – Odunsi (The Engine)

RnB Odunsi - Odunsi (The Engine)

RnB Odunsi – Odunsi (The Engine)

It’s been quite a year for the youngster, who’s been putting out piece after piece; each, more precise in the elucidation of his sound. Odunsi has been known as a brilliant mind capable an unorthodox fusion of genres like afrobeat, soul, R&B and electronica, whilst having a unique sound of his own.

The track RnB Odunsi appeared on a SoundCloud page known as “fridaycruise” a somewhat random account that houses quite a number of releases from a selection of artists, Odunsi being the most prominent. The song has a soulful-rnb atmosphere that ensures every word from the artist receives genuine attention from its listeners.

Listen below:

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Jeffery Abdulateef
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