Coconut Lips - GMK Ft. Tomi Thomas
Coconut Lips – GMK Ft. Tomi Thomas
March 30, 2017
Kashe Ni - Lady Donli (Prod by TOBAY)
Kashe Ni – Lady Donli (Prod by TOBAY)
March 30, 2017

Sinner – Maka Ft. Boogey (Prod. by Teck-Zilla)

Sinner - Maka

Sinner – Maka Ft. Boogey (Prod. by Teck-Zilla)

For her first single of the year, soulful singer/songwriter Maka delivers a beautifully hypnotizing new track, “Sinner.” The track features her fellow Lagosian artist Boogey, with production supplied by the  Nigerian-born beatsmith, Teck-Zilla.

All parties involved are at the top of their respective games here as Maka guides the tune with her stunning vocals and relatable lyricism. When she sings, “This thing called life, is not black and white/ I am just a human, tryin’ to do what’s right,” you can feel the pain and contemplation in her voice, and it’s an emotion so many of us have felt in our lives. 

To that point, Maka says of the track: “Like most of my songs, I want to write about something everyone could relate to. ‘Sinner’ talks about the vulnerability of humans and how imperfect we are.”

“I had always wanted to put that in a song so when Teck played the beat, I knew that was the right track for the concept,” she adds, noting the uplifting production from Teck-Zilla. Boogey captured the concept perfectly as well. His vivid rhymes are quirky, yet full of reflection, as he too struggles with trying to be perfect while seeking redemption.

“Sinner” is now available for stream and download through all major digital retailers, courtesy of Str8Buttah Productions. 

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