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April 8, 2017
Based On True Events - Jamal Swiss
Album Review: Based On True Events – Jamal Swiss
April 10, 2017

So Long – Viva Eze (Prod. I Am K-BeatZ)

So Long - Viva Eze (Prod. I Am K-BeatZ)

So Long – Viva Eze (Prod.  I Am K-BeatZ)


Making it look like a breeze, Viva Eze delivers easily on heavy bass and low tempo with a relaxed voice. Only after offering a similar vibe in his last release; Banana Island, we now see him talking about his current elevated mood and past hustle with his brother. He also emphasizes that he’s packing up his internal struggles; boarding Korean Air – flight 9111, and moving on with his life. The questionable song title could maybe refer to an exit from his days of struggle or a farewell to someone now dissociated with (“ your friends turn to enemies.. pray my day ones never leave me”).

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
UI/UX Developer by day, music enthusiast by night. Fun and emotional somebody. I believe that our level of creative consciousness separates us from one another, but we are united through music. I enjoy working on the website.

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