Once Upon A goD - Gunzz
Once Upon A goD – Gunzz
July 23, 2017
Sunday School - Gunzz
New Video: Sunday School – Gunzz
July 23, 2017

Songs you should jam to this week Vol.2

Songs you should jam to this week Vol. 2

There goes another week! I hope you paid attentions to the list from last week, they were all my favourites. Time for vol.2!

This week I have selected songs a bit differently, and I’ll explain why. There happens to be a fine balance between the quality of music dished out in terms of production, vocal rendition, mixing and mastering. Understanding that in the art there is always room for improvement, I get excited by raw talents a lot more than the mixed and mastered polished bit; that’s when the goosebumps really start to show.

So, songs selected this week include a number of raw materials that require an open ear to enjoy.


From time, the band’s music comments mainly on the political stratosphere in Nigeria and this album is no different. But this track comes to a sub-level of that stratosphere which we are a part of day-to-day.

Perfect Timing

Found this listening to his newly released EP Last Summer. He stated that this was his first ever project and was pleased to share it with the world. This track was released ahead of the album however, so if you like this, be sure to check out other songs in the EP

Traffic Remix (ft. Nonso Amadi) – Daramola

I stumbled on this on Twitter early this week. I was lost in emotions for a while. It’s a remix of the interlude titled Traffic and it’s a gospel song. You should be pleased if you understand the persons of both artistes.

MR POE – MR ICE – Iceprince Ft. Poe

I never grew into being a fan of Ice prince rapping, I simply enjoyed the dumbed down vibes he offered from time to time. Teaming up with Mavin’s Poe for this joint was a win for both sides, I guess. However, it made my list because of the refinement it holds toward the hip-hop cycle. (off topic, I feel like Poe should do a tour of all existed MCs in nigeria.. from Mode 9 to Phyno. Although not many would ever appreciate)

The Meet and Cheat – Barelyanyhook (Goldkeys)

Lowkey a favourite poet and lyricist of mine, Barelyanhook also happens to be a good singer. He has the Chance the Rapper vibe and can conceive melodies just as easy as he constructs his lyrical articulations. Two pieces I like to make reference to are: Blunt deals, which he was featured in; and Dune buggy from two years ago.

Sunday School – Gunzz

Since a video for this was released this week, along with the album Once Upon A goD, I’ll be including this even though the audio was put out a while back. I feel it should be revisited.

Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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