Missed Calls - Tonero
Missed Calls – Tonero
April 21, 2017
New World - Jesse Jagz
New World – Jesse Jagz
April 27, 2017

Summer In The Capital – Detail

Summer In The Capital - Detail

Summer In The Capital – Detail


Production quality is definitely off the chart for songs included in this EP. Chidubem Kenechukwu Udeoji, singer, rapper, DJ & producer; also known as Detail when on the microphone and DETAILMADEIT when producing releases an EP titled Summer In The Capital. The EP consists of a number of tracks pre-released in over 5 months, such as Love & Affection, Hold Me down and 4pm In Saratoga.

A track titled Summer In The Capital comes right after the EP’s intro with a catchy vibe alongside the chorus “Summer In The Capital..”. It’s a bit surprising that the project kicks off with such a downtempo track, considering the next track, “Electric” is an afro-pop themed piece, featuring singer IZZY. The play on this track is pretty decent; like I stated, the quality is commendable. On first listen, you’d consider skipping to the next track, but apparently, the sound engineer/songwriter can also sing and rap well enough. Entering smoothly with a chorus, a somewhat unstable rap follows for a short while, leading to another chorus and a verse well sung by IZZY. They make a more impressive blend while singing the chorus ending together before an unexpected trap-soul section intrudes for a couple of seconds. The way that blended without much distortion cannot go unnoticed. Hint: It’s a thumb(s) up!

A dancehall vibe also makes its way through the track Come Get Some featuring Jay O. This makes preparations for the jollof sound in Love & Affection.

Back to a trapsoul vibe in Hold Me Down, which features UK act André Wolff. We also hear a rap snippet and the sample intro to Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Part IV, and a few filler tracks to take the Spiritual Ginger to the dance floor to see How It Goes.

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