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May 25, 2017
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Alkebulan – Suede
May 30, 2017

Viva Eze [Spotlight Interview]

Viva Eze

Viva EzeMeet  Viva Eze. He ran away from being just an ordinary 9 to 5-er. He’s been on our radar ever since the release of his song Banna Island two months ago. following up with our interest in his Rap music, we decided to have a little talk with him. Read below.



Tell us a bit about your background?


I’m a 25-year-old, rapper/Singer/Producer/sound engineer. I released first project titled A world Away in 2011 which was inspired by the likes of 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and Celestine Ukwu. I was actually primary school classmates with Burna boy, and Mr Eazi‘s junior in University (we both read Mechanical Engineering and he was two years ahead of me). I’ve been making music for over 10 years now. I play the bass guitar. And I’m addicted to FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). I once worked at a TV production company in Lagos and as a movie producer and sound engineer.
Right now, I’m willing to get my hands dirty to know more about the music industry before I start to delegate work ie I handle my own PR, publishing, marketing, etc. I have a superpower: it’s called synesthesia. Basically my senses are intertwined like loose cables.

When did you get into music?


I got into music when I was in JS1. You know.. I just woke up one morning and I noticed I could rap all of 50 Cent’s songs. And people would usually call me “Hey! Hey! junior boy..” *chuckles* “come here! Rap ‘In da club’ for me”. My seniors, you know. And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed rapping, so.. yeah, I guess that’s when I got into music. And I started doing mine in like JS3. *chuckles* I figured, if I could rap these people’s own, why can’t I make my own rap. So I started. It was wack o, it was very wack. But, *hmmnn mnn* I believed it was the shit. *Laughs* Confidence! Unshakable.

What do you classify the type of music you make as? What genre or fusion?


Well, it’s definitely rap. It’s definitely rap music, but I’m not afraid to branch out into other genres like Afrobeat, EDM… Anything I feel resonates well with me, you know. And I’ll like to jump into, why not? C’mon. I would say I’m rooted in rap, but I branch out.. to whatever.


What else do you do apart from making relaxed music?


*Laughs* It’s funny you think I make just relaxed music. *chuckles* Okay, not bad though. I guess you can say that from my recent catalogue. But apart from making music, I’m also a graphic artist, I design mobile applications.. *in murmured voice* I come up with some.. *chuckles* coming soon… And I also help businesses develop. Sort of like a business development manager or a consultant, I guess.


How do you merge your music and the other career paths together?


I guess I survive because I have clear goals. I have priorities, you know. And right now, at this point in my life, music is a priority. Other things are secondary; not like they are not important, but you know, I just know how to balance it well; organize it. I have good organization skills.

Who do you think should be your audience? And what message do you have for Them?


Well I believe the world should be my audience. The universe should be my audience in short. No really, I do. I just want people to know that, look; and I know this sounds cliché, but whatever you put your mind to, you can do. What ever you really want *beep beep* sorry. Whatever you want bad enough, you’ll get. It can be good it can be bad. What ever you really want in your mind, you will get. Your destiny is in your hands. You create your own luck, you know, especially Nigerian artistes. The ones who haven’t been as exposed as people like myself, and some others out there. I want them to know that, look o, you don’t have to be signed to a label. You can do this on your own, it just takes time; a little money, but time is the main thing. Are you willing to give it that time? If you are, then you’re willing to be successful. Go ahead. I’m talking too much abeg.


What do you do for fun? in your free time? Hobbies and all?


I hardly have free time, so hardly. If I’m not in the studio, I’m sleeping recovering. But when I’m absolutely free, I love to watch funny Instagram videos and.. or play FIFA online with my friends. FUT *Chuckles*.

Listen to more songs by Viva Eze on his SoundCloud page

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