War - Odunsi (The Engine) x Nonso Amadi
War EP – Odunsi (The Engine) x Nonso Amadi
May 3, 2017
F.S.L.S - Davina Oriakhi
F.S.L.S – Davina Oriakhi
May 3, 2017

Way – Viva Eze

Way - Eze

Way – Viva Eze

With an artistry for delivering calm melodies in his songs, Viva Eze maintains similar style on his latest single, Way.

Viva Eze

It no longer comes as surprise that a lot of acts have found it easier getting comfortable enough to take bold steps towards expressing themselves genuinely in their songs. It has become clear that the messages we come across in music these days have more instruments yelling and banging than meaningful content in lyrics, melodies or compositions. Taking a read on the person of Viva Eze, you’ll find an interesting tale of resilience to physical dependencies and medical conditions, which are turned into expressions in various art forms.

With previous songs like Banana Island and So Long, we see Viva coming into a self defining phase. And he has chosen to take us along on his journey, with hopes to arrive at a more appreciated status at the end of it all. We can only wish him all the luck he needs and pray his music continues to appear on our radar.

Listen to Way on SoundCloud.

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Jeffery Abdulateef
Jeffery Abdulateef
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