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September 3, 2018
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Wish – Sam Sun Ft. Violet

Wish - Sam Sun Ft. Violet

Wish – Sam Sun Ft. Violet

If you’re a fan of EDEN or Jon Bellion, you’re going to embrace this new talent! He goes by the moniker, Sam Sun, a 20 yr old, singer and songwriter who loves to channel art and genre bending music. SAM has had a nice start of 2018, with his first anthem recognized in Portugal at the ‘International Portuguese Music Award 2018 for Best Hip Hop Single’, as well as his pop track “Pictures” clocking and surpassing 100,000 YouTube views!! Is quite a nice start for an upcoming act.

But like Eden and Ruth B, who are famous for shaping emotions into a conceptually original complex poetic sound driving their audience into Neverland and Wonderland just like Ed’s “Drugs” and Berhe’s “Lost Boy”, the evolution to master and create a craft of such seems technical. Sam has been on the road to perfect his sound and as it seems, he just might have hit the nail picture perfect! Sam known to be a huge fan of Eden, Lauv, Ruth B and Justin Bieber aims clean with the new song.

Wish - Sam Sun Ft. Violet

Wish is a song that spells a concept of hate and love, featuring melodious vocals from Violet! Sam channels both Ruth B and EDEN with a more down-tempo which showcases Violet’s vocal breathing life into the music, more of a story than just a song with words like

Quotable Lyrics:

Went broke for a couple while/ sacrificed all to make you smile

The chorus fuses both high and low pitch vocals of both artists in a blissful confession.

Sam discusses in the song, about the process of drifting of affection which is something, if not all but most people can relate to! With the honest vibe Sam explains:

‘I felt like Eden was speaking through me just after I listened to his album ‘Vertigo’ and it hit me so hard and here I was writing this piece with my friends, people who can express deep sad emotions in inspiring words envisioning ourselves Peter Pan’s Neverland’.

Listen to Wish below.

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